Hard/Permanent Removals
Any account that we remove from a client’s credit report is a hard
delete. Meaning, they won’t report back at a later date. It’s gone,
forever! This includes inquiries, medical bills, collections, late pay
accounts, foreclosures, charge-offs, public records, tax liens, civil
judgments, and bankruptcies.

Real-time credit monitoring
Track your credit in real-time. We have our own software system that allows you to track and monitor the progress of your credit.In real time. Need an update? Easy, login to your account and view your current status. You’ll be able to monitor result updates, deletions, disputes, and any other changes that may occur.

Re-establishing of credit
As we are cleaning up a credit file, we will help the client reestablish
their credit at the same time. So, by the time we are done
with our dispute process, you should have a fairly clean credit report
along with new open lines of credit which is the reason why our score
increases are so dramatic after just one update. (45 days) Successful deletion rate; We have a 80% deletion success rate after 6 months. If a client has 10¬†collections, we can pretty much take it to the bank that we’ll remove 8 of them.


Closing loans
That is all we care about. Our customers results. Our system
works fast. Very fast. We are averaging close to a 100 point FICO
score increase within the first 45 days. The product of that system is that we close loans for our lenders, brokers, and auto dealers.

We prove where our skill set level is at in this industry. We are the
only credit repair company that actually shows before/after results on our clients. On top of that, we offer all of our clients double money back guarantees.

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