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We offer a wide variety of credit repair services for our clients.  Permanent Removals of derogatory accounts. (Collections, Charge-offs, Late Pays, Medical  Bills, Inquiries, Public Records, Foreclosures, Etc).  Credit Report Protection. Identity Theft Protection.  Credit Education. Licensing opportunities. Stop Collection Calls. Credit Report Monitoring.   When it comes to your credit reports, we do it all!!

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Rebuild Credit

Rebuild Your Credit

Re-establishing your credit is key to the credit process. While we are doing our due diligence to remove your derogatory accounts from falsely being reported, you need to focus on establishing new lines of credit

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Credit Knowledge


As your credit specialist, our most important job is to review your credit history reports with you and to begin process of disputing negative inaccurate items on your reports. Our next important job is to give you recommendations to follow, which will help you to speed up the process, achieve a higher score and keep it. While we do our part, please read the following information and follow our steps and your score will start to improve quickly.

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Fix your credit score – Our Promise

Same day service (within 24 hrs of sign-up) backed by a double your money back refund policy. YES, DOUBLE! Permanent removals. If we don’t honor our contract and perform as specified, we’ll pay 1 month of your car payment, mortgage, or rent payment. The pressure is all on us to perform. Our promise to you is unmatched in this industry.  As a matter of fact, our competitors are too afraid to back up the quality of their services like we do.  The decision is all yours.  You may choose to get scammed by our competitors or you can sign up with us at very minimal costs and have it backed by our refund policy.


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